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Empress - 1908 Original Indigo Gin (750ml)

Producer Empress
Country Canada
Region British Columbia
Style Gin
Vintage 1908
Sku 628451773108
Size 750ml

This gin is vivid indigo-blue, thanks to an infusion of butterfly pea blossoms, and transforms to an attractive pink hue as tonic or citrus are added. The aroma is relatively neutral and the palate is mild and malty, with hints of coriander, orris root and white pepper. But it's really all about the eye-popping blue color and all the party tricks that can be performed with this gin. 

Wine Enthusiast Magazine 90/100. Top 100 Spirits -- 2020.


You can buy Empress - 1908 Indigo Gin at Friar Tuck.

Empress Description

Deep blue in color Empress 1908 Indigo Gin is distilled in Canada and gets it's blue color from the addition of the Botanical butterfly pea blossom along with grapefruit peel, coriander seed, rose petal, ginger root, and cinnamon bark. 

Wine Enthusiast: 90 Points

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